Benefits of Training
Individuals who train in a reputable martial arts program are stimulated and encouraged to progress at their own speed and in a manner consistent with gaining greater control over their actions.  While all students gain strength, flexibility, and endurance as a result of training, it is the intangible aspects that are most beneficial.

§ Self-Control.  Focus is on positive actions and accomplishments.  Students learn appropriate responses to a variety of situations that are transferable to school, work, home, and community.
§ Self-Discipline.  Inner motivation is cultivated so students learn to take responsibility for their actions and understand the concepts of both good and bad consequences.
§ Self-Esteem.  As students gain in physical accomplishments, they see corresponding growth in self-confidence and day-to-day performance in
all aspects of their lives.
§ Self-Respect.  As students progress in the martial arts, they begin to have higher expectations of themselves and others, and they take steps to ensure the expectations are reached.

Class structure focuses on 45 minute children classes and  adult classes ranging from 60-75 minutes depending on the daily schedule.

Age Levels
The beauty of the martial arts is that everyone, regardless of age or physical fitness, can participate.  Individuals age 5 through 85 progress at their own pace with no expected timetable for advancement.  It is the journey that is important, not the destination.   Enjoy the trip! 

Martial Arts Overview
Authentic Ancient Arts (AAA) promotes the study of the martial arts in the traditional manner that dates back several generations.  While television and movies present only the physical aspects of martial arts (often in a highly exaggerated and violent manner), AAA focuses on the development of the whole person, recognizing that the study of the martial arts is a journey, not a destination.  The goal is to become a better person who lives in harmony with everyone and everything.

§ Improvement of health (the holistic goal of the martial arts)

§ Self-protection (the defensive goal of the martial arts)

§ Building of character (the social goal of the martial arts)
§Overcoming human weaknesses (the philosophical goal of the martial arts)
Developing inner peace (the spiritual goal of the martial arts)

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